Our DNA. Our Roots run deep.

Four Generations of Bakers

Starting Back in Vienna in 1912

Bringing Old World Quality and Values

In 1936 my grandmother Rebecca and my mom Ruth arrived at New York's Ellis Island from Eastern Europe. Back then they had moved from Vienna in 1912 to Lublin, Poland, seeking a better life and to make breads and treats.

Some of my fondest memories were when my mother told me she would help Grandma roll out the dough for her buttery, delicious treats. She always told her, "make whatever you make with simple, pure ingredients and have happy thoughts while you're mixing them up and making a mess".

The lessons my mother shared, taught me that when you infuse your work with love and joy, no-one can figure it out,... but it just tastes better!

Delivering the Goodness

I'm pretty sure that they kept me out of the kitchen until I could walk...

But that didn't stop them from having me make deliveries the "Olde Fashioned Way". I kinda remember getting a lot of tips because I was really cute and have a great smile. lol

Neil Koppel, founder

I Return To My Roots

In 1973, after beginning college in New York, like any good hippie, I head to Europe to explore my past and groove on the world.

My first stop is Amsterdam. There I learn how to make these incredible brownies with this special oil they add that literally sends you to the moon. Really awesome.

What I discover is that Twinkies are a low bar when it comes to treats. I head home with a bunch of croissants I scored on rue Saint-Honoré, those experiences fuel my passion.

Next Generation Ushered In

In 1988, my daughter Rebecca is born and my mom, now Grandma Ruthie, is getting ready to show Becky how to bake delicious treats and be worshiped as a Princess.

Becky's Grandma passes the same lessons of joy and love she taught me, and in typical "Bubbie" fashion, she infuses Becky with love and joy too, knowing she will turn out incredibly delicious and you'll simply want to eat her up.

Now Comes Becky's Best

Rebecca is a chip off the old block, so to speak, and shares dads sweet tooth. Her deep love to be creative has matured into a fine young baker. 

However, daddy does not share the ingredient he discovered as a youth on his trip to Amsterdam.

It's now 1992, and Home Baked is founded.

Fantasy Come True

I never forgot the pies in London or the edible art in Paris. My long time friend and partner Eddie shared a similar vision. Create an old world European bakery with treats we both remembered from childhood. The twist, design an emporium that was a cross between Harry Potter and Willy Wonka, so started Dr Doodle's.

Dr Doodle's provided the Delray Beach community with fabulous treats that were reminiscent of the sweet and savory treats I discovered in Europe at age 19.

However, it was now 2017, and I discovered the virtues of coconut oil.

It's A Family Affair

Meet Gale Falletta, she's my sister. I might say to you, but not to her, that she's the better baker. However, the only reason is because she's older and spent more time with Mom and Grandma in the kitchen.

And this is Charlie. He taught me that I never baked,  cooked or gave him anything he didn't like. Terrible for honest feedback or quality control.

Tested and Proven

Maxwell is my son and a chocolate chip cookie expert. He is always available to give a frank, clear critique of anything I bake. Charlie could learn from Max.

My greatest joy has been baking for my family, friends and community. I know that in a small way it makes the world a little bit better when they smile. 
Feels Like I'm Putting The Band Back Together Again

It's March 15, 2020, an auspicious day, "the Ides of March".  It was the Roman holiday to settle debts. Funny how life and Karma work.

I am deeply dedicated to providing a little joy and happiness in these crazy times. I know one day our children will look back and remember some good stuff. It's a privileged to give them a smile that was inspired by something sweet and was infused with a Large Heap of Love XXX. 

Wishing You Only Good Stuff and please share any thoughts or ideas you have to help make these times a little sweeter.  
All our best, Neil Koppel