All Natural Chicken Pot Pie - Family Size 32 Oz

Serves up to 6 hungry people :) Ingredients: Fresh chicken, chicken stock, shallots, carrots, onions, green beans, English peas, pearl onions, half & half, white wine, farm fresh eggs, organic coconut oil, Italian parsley. Pastry shell: Flour, buttermilk, butter, organic coconut oil, kosher salt... And a Very Large Heap of Love xxx

A note on shipping these... If you would like to ship up to 4 pies domestically, we will ship frozen with dry-ice for an additional $21.50

Simply, A Comfort Food.

Full of fresh veggies and white meat natural chicken
All Natural Chicken Pot Pie - Feeds Up to 6

Fresh, vitamin rich vegetables, chunks of white meat chicken breast & flaky buttery crust. YUM

White meat chicken breasts blended with homemade creamy white wine filling, shallots, pearl onions and heaps of garden vegetables... along with a bit of coconut oil.

Then it’s wrapped in flaky, buttery puff pastry dough and baked to mouth watering perfection! Perfect for 6 hungry people, just heat and enjoy!... And Each is Baked With A Very Large Heap of Love xxx

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